Who are the victims of drug and alcohol abuse?

Alcoholism and drug addiction are rather common in today’s culture. Some estimates place the prevalence of drug addiction in America at above 20%.

Alcoholism and drug addiction cause destruction, anguish, and pain not just to the addict but also to the others in their lives. Both professional surroundings and friends and family are impacted by drug addiction. Employees who deal with drug or alcohol addiction hurt businesses, make working conditions uncomfortable, and occasionally dangerous.

There are still a number of erroneous myths around the origins of drinking and drug addiction. Some people make an effort to pinpoint the social groups that are most affected. Others attempt to label drug and alcohol abuse as an illness or a moral weakness. These urban legends have unnecessarily stoked misinformation, fear, and humiliation. No specific societal group is unaffected by alcoholism or drug addiction. Every socioeconomic group, race, and gender is affected. It is pointless to fear or identify drug users with bad stereotypes. Everyone eventually runs across problems in life and needs help from others. Addicts to drugs and alcohol are no different from other people. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is not something anyone chooses; instead, it claims lives.

How Are Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Diagnosed?

There are signs of alcohol and drug addiction. Here is a list of a few of these:

  • dilatation or red eyes
  • Speech that is erratic
  • cold or clammy hands
  • difficulties focusing

Out of every five drug users who work, two do so while doing so. Unsurprisingly, usage of drugs or alcohol contributes to roughly half of accidents at work.

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